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To join IndieMe Gallery, you must be a hand crafted, professional American & Canadian Artist or Master Craftsmen who has mastered your craft using refined techniques producing innovative product lines.

IndieMe Gallery artist members must meet a high level of craftsmanship utilizing excellence in creativity. If you are a design driven artist who has mastered your craft using refined techniques with a product line priced at $150+ wholesale, IndieMe Gallery is for you! Don't get lost in a sea of artists, get in front of buyers looking for makers like YOU on IndieMe Gallery!

Have a lower price point line? Great!  Upon acceptance to IndieMe Gallery you can join (for a low additional fee) our parent Marketplace - IndieMe - which has a multitude of price points and showcases. Learn more here.

Artist Qualifications

IndieMe Gallery Qualifications:

  • All work, especially main design elements, must be of original design by the artist/studio.
  • No work may be assembled from commercial kits or commercial molds.
  • All work must be made or assembled within the USA or Canada.
  • All work must be made by the artist, or if employees or contractors are used, the work must be directly supervised by the artist within their studio or community.
  • All work must be signed or stamped by the artist.
  • All work must be wholesale priced at $150+ and aesthetically fit in a gallery setting.
  • For high design jewelry artists - product lines must include precious metals and stones using unconventional methods with a high level of creativity.

IndieMe™ reserves the right to refuse any enrollment for any reason, including not fully meeting these qualification requirements or misrepresentation in the type of work, quality of work, or quality of images presented for screening. After acceptance, artists are expected to continue presenting as good or better photography and must ask for additional screening before showing new media other than what was presented originally.

Be prepared for the jury process. Artists are carefully selected by a panel of art professionals. Take great photo's on neutral backgrounds and be sure to price your work for wholesale. Your retailers will, on average, price your work at a minimum of 2.3 - 2.5 and above.

Mediums Accepted

IndieMe Gallery accepts the following mediums:

  • Ceramics
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Fiber
  • Jewelry
  • Mixed Media
  • Painting/Drawings
  • Photography
  • Sculpture