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Enroll today for a free IndieMe Gallery retailer account and enjoy convenient online shopping 24/7 with secure online ordering. Registration is on our parent company IndieMe, and upon approval, you can begin shopping on all our marketplaces! 

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Please note, to enroll for a free IndieMe retailer account, we require all retailers to complete a buyer enrollment which creates a profile to make your online shopping experience convenient when ordering and placing inquiries online with our artists.

Since this is a wholesale only site, we do require business credentials in order to verify your business. The quickest way to be verified is to include pictures of your business: ONE picture showing the inside of your store, and ONE picture showing the outside of your store (including the store sign). Alternatively, you can provide links to your website, or Facebook page for these images.

(With pictures of inside and outside of store, including business sign)

You will need to:

  • Upload pictures, or
  • Email pictures to service@IndieMe.com, or
  • Provide a link to your website (that shows images), or
  • Provide your Facebook information (that shows images)

(& Store-front Retailers without pictures & New stores with limited credentials)

Non-store front retailers and those who do not have a website or pictures of their store can provide qualifying documents for approval. New stores with limited credentials and / or not opened yet can also provide qualifying documents for approval.

To view the credentials we require click here

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